The gym. A wondrous place where bodies are sculpted, sweat runs freely, and people grunt in exertion. You go there to achieve some gains in your body, to create something out of yourself with just the cost of a gym membership. Many people go to a gym but not many pay attention to their clothing. Asides from being stylish, there are benefits into bringing the right clothes to the gym and since you are reading this, you are definitly one of the few who like to be prepared. Let’s begin.


Have you ever ran and worked up a sweat? You pushed yourself to your limit to see what your body can do. You are hot, sticky and can’t stand your shirt clinging to you. A cool breeze comes by and now instead of being hot, you are cold and the chill goes deep inside of you.

Have you experienced this? If yes, the main reason for it is that you wore a cotton shirt. A cotton shirt is soft, comfortable, pleasing to the skin. However, cotton traps all the presperation and doesn’t allow your body to cool properly. Cotton leggings and sweatpants aren’t a problem as you don’t sweat as much from your legs as you do from your upper body, this why its recommanded to wear cotton only for the lower body part.


There is a different material that can help reseolve the problems which cotton can’t. It is Nylon. Nylon (polyster, spandex or lycra) is a syntetic fiber meaning it’s manmade. This fiber allows for “wicking” to occur. Wicking refers to the ability of the fiber to allow your skin to breathe by drawing the sweat away from your body.

These materials allow your body to be cool during the summer and warm during the winter. If you are not a fan of synthetic material, you can use bamboo or wool as it provides “wicking” as well. However, it may be a bit itchy.

Pay attention to fit.
You don’t want clothes to strangle you. However, if you want to feel sexy and confident you may consider wearing tights as you do yoga or squats. Fit is a matter of personal preference. What may work for some won’t work for all. If need a wide range of motion, I would suggest to you wearing loose clothing. If you are going for a stretch or walk, I would suggest tight clothing.

As you can see, fit isn’t associated only with your personal preference but also the physical activity you will be performing. You wouldn’t wear high heels to a construction site, or a tuxedo to the gym. Days you need your clothes to move along with your body, wear spandex (tights, lyrcra, nylon) and vice versa.

Color of your cloth

I’m a fan of wearing dark colors (black shirt, black pants) all the time. However, if you ever wore black out during the summer in the middle of a 90 degree day you know the feeling of hot.

Dark colors absorb heat so, while they can be appealing to wear you may want to reconsider if the weather has something to say about it.
Consider the situation you will be in as well. If you like running outside after the sun goes down, are you going to run in dark clothing? If you are, I’d advise you to change into light-colored clothing so people can see you and not run into you with their car, bike or other vehicle. It’s a minor detail but why do you think bikes have the reflective tape on the rims of their tires? It’s meant to help people be aware of you so they don’t bring harm.
If you work out outside during the summer, consider putting on some sunscreen. I am aware this is a clothing article. However, clothing is meant to go on your skin and to take care of it. However, you will have some exposed parts and you would be wise to protect yourself from the strong UV rays coming from that giant star in the sky.

Sports Bra

Last but not least the sports bra. It is easily the most important of the bunch. A good sports bra lets you feel confident moving fast without worrying about.. well you know. It makes you feel secure and provides support.
You need one that fits you correctly. It is an utmost importance that your sports bra is not loose in the slightest. You want one with big armholes so you don’t chafe at the armpit. Also as discussed above, it is preferred to get a nylon sports bra as it will allow your chest to breathe and not capture sweat. A sports bra that has a T-back or racer-back design will provide the support and security you desire.
I hope that your workout is improved with the clothing tips provided here. Have a great one and build that body!